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Dear friends of the Gospel,

some small tracts had been distributed throughout a city. On them was written: “Get right with God!” This sentence should jolt us. In the same manner the Word of God wants to jolt us when speaking to us. We therefore need to be wide awake when reading it, listening to it, or talking about it.

God spoke to Jonah in his own day. But Jonah was not willing to listen. He was headstrong. He went in the wrong direction — his own way!

He was a preacher of repentance who had been called by God, but now he needed to repent himself. He cried to God, afterwards became obedient, and went to the place where God had called him to preach repentance.

It seems as if Jonah became a missionary against his own will. We purpose to consider this. In what way does the Book of Jonah speak to each of us? What did it mean for the people of Israel? And specially, what may we learn from the Lord Jesus?

These are the questions for consideration during the “Bible days” at St. Vith.

Quite often Jonah and a fish are mentioned together. The Lord Jesus also referred to this in Matthew 12:40 where he spoke of the time when he would be in the tomb.

We are glad that, starting with the book of Jonah, we can consider Him, Christ, so that this year we may be guided in the right direction and become useful for Him.

We have an up-to-date programme for children, young people, and older ones, with ministry, a book table, a missionary booth, singing, and opportunity for conversation. This should help you to consider many things in a new way, and to live accordingly.


  • The Book of Jonah
  • Encounters with the Lord Jesus
  • Arrival: on Friday 4th of April 2014 from 4.00 p. m.
  • Meeting point: Indoor tennis centre in St. Vith.

Please standing beside registration form and return it no later than 16.03.2014 by mail or register online here.

Kontakt Info

Gerberstraße 13
B - 4780 St. Vith
0032 (0)497 46 58 90

Kontakt Info

Grüfflingen 22 A
B - 4790 Burg-Reuland
0032 (0)80 32 95 60

Wer wir sind

Wer wir sind

Wir sind Christen, die wissen, dass sie allein durch die Gnade von Jesus Christus von der Last ihrer Sünde befreit wurden.

Somit gehören wir auch allein zu ihm und zu keiner kirchlichen oder sonstigen christlichen Organisation und distanzieren uns ganz entschieden von jeder sektiererischen Richtung.

Was wir möchten

Was wir möchten

Niemand ist zu klein oder zu groß für die Liebe Gottes - aber von sich heraus ist niemand passend für den Himmel!

Deshalb würden wir uns sehr freuen, wenn noch viele Menschen zum Glauben an den Schöpfer-Gott kommen, der in seiner Liebe seinen einzigen Sohn Jesus Christus zu uns Menschen sandte.

Sein einziges Ziel war es, stellvertretend für uns die Strafe für unsere Sünden zu tragen, damit Gott uns nach unserem Tod zu sich in den Himmel aufnehmen kann.

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