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These are the picures of the bible days 2017

We hope that those who were in the bible days here as guests, serve the pictures as a beautiful memory and all the other as an incentive, to be our guest themselves maybe next year.

And who want and who likes the pictures may download them here in original size as an archive (ZIP format).
Size: 2.3 GB   [ sha512 ]

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures!

Be warm-hearted greeted,
Your brethren from St. Vith

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Picture number 353
Picture number 354
Picture number 355
Picture number 356
Picture number 357
Picture number 358
Picture number 359
Picture number 360
Picture number 361
Picture number 362
Picture number 363
Picture number 364
Picture number 365
Picture number 366
Picture number 367
Picture number 368
Heimfahrt - Allen Helfern sei nochmals ganz herzlich für Eure viele Mühe gedankt!!! Nur so sind solche Bibeltage überhaupt möglich und wir dürfen uns noch lange an diese segensreichen Tage erinnern!
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Who we are

Who we are

We are Christians who know that they were freed from sin only by the grace of Jesus.

Therefore, we belong only to him and not to a clerical oder other Christian organisation and stay clearly apart from sects.

What we want

What we want

No one is too small or too large for the love of God - but from inside no one is suitable for the heaven!

Therefore, we would be very happy if many people would come to faith to the Creator God who sent in his love his only son Jesus Christ to us humans.

His only goal was to pay the penalty in representative of us for our sins so that God can take us after our death to himself in heaven.

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